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C5 Hydrocarbon Resin SHR-18 Series for Adhesive

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SHR-18 Series are a viscosifying resin suitable for adhesives, especially for hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives.

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◆ Excellent viscosity with outstanding initial adhesion performance.
◆ Good fluidity which can improve the wettability of the main materials.
◆ Excellent aging resistance.
◆ Good balance of the best opening time and curing time.
◆ Narrow molecular weight distribution, good compatibility with the main resin.
◆ Light color.


Grade Softening Point(℃) Color  (Ga#) Wax Cloud Point (℃)


SHR-1815 90-96 ≤5 90 Max










SHR-1816 96-104 ≤5 90 Max


SHR-1818 88-95 ≤5 105 Max


SHR-1819 94-100 ≤5    -----
SHR-1820 90-96 ≤6 125 Max


SHR-1822 96-104 ≤6 125Max


SHR-1826 112-120 ≤6 95Max




SHR-18 Series are used in hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, adhesive tape, label adhesive, rapid packaging adhesive, book binding adhesive, wood processing adhesive, all kinds of adhesive sticks, etc.

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for strong and durable adhesives has skyrocketed. Whether for industrial or personal use, adhesives play a vital role in our daily lives. And, the importance of C5 hydrocarbon resins cannot be overlooked when creating reliable, efficient and long-lasting adhesive formulations.

C5 hydrocarbon resins are key ingredients in industrial adhesives due to their excellent compatibility with a wide variety of polymer systems. These resins are ideal for creating adhesive formulations that require excellent tack, cohesion, adhesion and thermal stability.  The SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins are an excellent choice for those looking for superior adhesion and cohesion properties.

The SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins are specifically designed for the adhesives industry. These resins are widely used in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive formulations, packaging adhesives and book binding adhesives. The SHR-18 series is known for its superior performance in adhesion, low temperature flexibility and thermal stability.

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One of the most significant advantages of using the SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins is their excellent adhesion properties. These resins are known for their high compatibility with different tackifiers, making them an excellent choice for creating adhesive formulations with excellent tack. In addition, these resins have excellent heat resistance and thermal stability, which means they retain their adhesive properties even under high temperature conditions.

Another important advantage of using the SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins is their ability to enhance the cohesive strength of adhesive formulations. These resins can increase the cohesive strength of adhesive formulations by forming a crosslinked network with other resin components. This results in adhesive formulations with excellent bonding properties even under stress and pressure.

The SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins are also known for their low volatile content. These resins have low molecular weight, which means they have low vapor pressure. This makes them safe for use in a variety of adhesive formulations, especially those intended for interior applications.


In summary, the SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins are an excellent choice for those looking for superior bonding performance. The excellent tack, adhesion, cohesion and thermal stability of these resins make them important ingredients in a wide variety of industrial adhesive formulations. Whether you are creating hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive formulations or book binding adhesives, the SHR-18 family of C5 hydrocarbon resins can help you achieve the desired results. Therefore, be sure to consider these resins when creating your next adhesive formulation.

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